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Firstly, we just had a dream...that became a real life story in late fall 2016. Two young health and wellness professionals started cooperating and founded the gym Sipoon Syke, which serves the people living in Sipoo. Our mission is to get people in Sipoo moving and live a healthier life!

In the beginning our aim was to create a modern full-service fitness center where the characteristics of Sipoo would be highlighted. You can’t miss this when you enter our facility and get greeted by a service desk made out of pallets and an old churn. However, we are not training with gym equipment made out of wood, but new and top modern equipment. After a workout you feel strong and self-confident!

During a group fitness class you can hear the laughter and feel the burn in your muscles. Our aim is to serve you the best endorphin-filled, as well as relaxing, experiences to hatch out the best version of yourself! With our magical team we develop and affect the lives of people living in Sipoo.

We are Syke, Sipoon Syke